The leading vendor-marketing
platform for e-commerce retailers

PromoteIQ enables retailers to work directly with their brand partners to promote products on site… the right way.

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Native Promoted Products

Easily build and customize promoted placements your vendors can bid on

  • Product Listing‚Ä® Ads (PLA)

  • Shelf Units and Product Carousels

  • Custom Native‚Ä® Placements

and more...

Vendor Direct

Make it easy for brands you already work with to promote their products on-site

  • Self-service campaign manager for vendors
  • Automated campaign analytics and insights
  • Built-in targeting and optimization capabilities

Track + Manage

Easily manage vendor-marketing from a single automated dashboard

  • Track vendor-marketing revenue and key trends
  • Control vendor access and eligible product categories
  • Configure promoted placements and set prices


Promoted products automatically match organic page content

  • Promoted products automatically match organic content
  • Quality scoring algorithms ensure performance filtering
  • Integrates seamlessly with relevance and/or personalization engines

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