Product marketing should be automatic and effortless for retailers and brands

PromoteIQ enables online retailers to partner directly with their vendors to promote products on site… the right way.

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More Revenue

Graduate from Ad Networks

PromoteIQ enables retailers to partner directly with their brands to run promoted products on their e-commerce sites. The result is a much larger vendor marketing program, with more vendors running more campaigns.

  • Premium native placements
  • More active brands and vendors
  • More monetization revenue
  • Increased coverage and fill rates

More Control

Your Vendor Marketing HQ

With PromoteIQ, retailers are in the driver’s seat. Easily control every aspect of your vendor marketing program with a powerful automated dashboard.

  • Vendor Permissions

    Control which vendors can access your vendor marketing program

  • Inventory

    Easily build and customize promotional placements

  • CPC Pricing

    Set floor and fixed prices for your promoted placements

  • Relevance

    Set product relevance thresholds for your promotional placements

  • Product Categories

    Control which categories are eligible for promotion (and which aren't)

  • Analytics

    Access real-time data about your vendor marketing program

Vendor Direct

No More Middlemen

PromoteIQ makes it easy to partner directly with your existing brand and vendor network. Working directly with vendors results in increased program revenue, superior product marketing, and a better site experience for shoppers.

  • More monetization revenue
  • True native product promotions
  • Increased fill rates and category coverage
  • Better experience for shoppers

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